Financial Planning

Manage the various areas of your financial life that are within your control while making sure all the pieces fit together.

Social Security Planning

Maximize your lifetime Social Security income by making good claiming decisions. Social Security planning is included in our Financial Planning services and also offered as a standalone service.

Investment Management

Implement a prudent investment strategy that reflects your goals, takes on no more risk than necessary and is cost effective and tax efficient.

On-going Engagement

Continuously monitor your progress and react to any changes in your personal circumstances that warrant a change in strategy.

Recent Blog Posts

Social Security Savvy Still Pays

February 1, 2016|Donald Jay Korn, Financial Planning Magazine Not so long ago, Terry Prather was advising clients to submit restricted applications for Social Security retirement benefits. … [Read More...]

Women and Social Security

Wednesday, February 04, 2015 | Joe Alfonso, GoLocalPDX Contributor Social Security is a gender neutral system. Benefits are payable to any worker who qualifies as a result of their work history. … [Read More...]

AFA in the Media

Joseph Alfonso, Founder and Principal of Aegis Financial Advisory, a CA and OR Registered Investment Adviser, is regularly quoted in the media and has appeared in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Smart Money and U.S. News & World Report. Click on image for articles.

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About Our Logo

The logo for the firm is based on the image of the Aegis from Greek mythology. The Aegis was the shield of Zeus, fashioned for him by Hephaestus. The word aegis has entered modern English to mean protection or security.

Our goal is to be a trusted advisor, guide and educator for our clients as they endeavor to realize their most cherished life goals and objectives. We always place client’s interests first and work hard to ensure that the recommendations we make truly reflect their core goals and personal values. We also endeavor to be a strong advocate for our clients and guide them successfully through the many life transitions we all experience.

Given our client-centric focus and commitment to placing client’s interests first, we believe the Aegis is a fitting symbol and this is the reason it comprises the central element of the logo for the firm.