July 6, 2010 – Highland, MI –ACA member Joe Alfonso, CFP®, ChFC has been elected to the NAPFA West Region Board of Directors. He will begin his two-year term on September 1, 2010.

Mr. Alfonso looks forward to contributing to the current work of the West Region Board and adding his own perspective given his interests in new planner outreach, pro-bono programs and strategic marketing.

“As a long-standing NAPFA member, I feel that I have benefitted greatly from the support that the organization has given me and my practice,” said Mr. Alfonso. “I look forward to stepping up my effort at giving back and see membership on the Regional Board as a great way to do so. I also look forward to sharing the perspectives I have gained as an ACA member regarding the value of truly comprehensive and holistic financial planning.”

Mr. Alfonso is the founder of Aegis Financial Advisory, LLC, a Fee-Only financial planning and DFA-approved investment management firm in Santa Clara, California providing comprehensive wealth management services to families, individuals and small business owners throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been an ACA member since 2008.

ACA is a non-profit 501(C)6 organization providing training and support to fee-only financial advisors with a passion for holistic financial planning. Its collaborative community continues to develop the next generation of holistic planning concepts and strategies. Currently ACA consists of more than 150 members serving 45 states across the U.S.

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